Michael Mohoric has studied a variety of alternative healing systems for over 30 years.  He practiced meditation and yoga for many years and started studying Qigong in 1994 after experiencing some health issues.

L- Khenpo Munsel R- Master Wang

L- Khenpo Munsel R- Master Wang

He had read about the exceptional abilities of some Qigong energy healers and felt Qigong would be able to help him. He studied with several teachers and then studied with Tibetan Qigong Master Zi Sheng Wang.

Michael was able to regain his health with a regular Tibetan Qigong practice, and Master Wang’s help. Master Zi Sheng Wang, now living in Tibet and China, was one of those rare Qigong healers who could work on thousands of people simultaneously.

Master Wang had been going to Tibet for over 40 years and studied with his teacher, the highly respected Khenpo Munsel. Khenpo Munsel requested Master Wang bring the Tibetan Qigong System to the West. For several years Michael served as the Secretary of the International Tibetan Qigong Assoc., founded by Master Wang.



Bad Crash Leads to Healing Ability

In August 2000, Michael suffered a severe spinal cord injury and lost most of the use and feeling in his arms and legs. He also lost some other organ function.  After surgery to remove disks and pieces of vertebrae that had pushed deep into the spinal cord, the neurosurgeon said that he might never walk again. He was facing the possibility of life as a quadriplegic with someone having to take care of most of his needs.

Soon after surgery, he entered into a profound state of unity consciousness that lasted several months. Even though he had spent many years meditating and doing various practices, none of his experiences even came close to this incredible sense of peace, love, joy, and gratitude. He could see the interconnectedness of life, and space was filled with energy and love. It was if a veil was lifted, and he could see the truth behind the illusion of separateness.

Shortly after surgery, he could feel energy coursing through his body and began to heal. He used Qigong techniques he learned to help heal. He had to learn to walk again and spent several challenging years recovering before he could walk fairly normal again.

Life Would Never be the Same Again

Michael knew that nothing would ever be the same again after this experience. His teacher, Master Wang, would conduct distant healing sessions from Tibet to groups of people in the USA. These were very powerful healing sessions, and the energy was just as strong and palpable as when he did healing sessions in person.

Michael had taken various courses on alternative healing and studied Qigong for many years. He took these courses for self-healing and never imagined he could or would do healing work, but after his accident and recovery, intuitively felt drawn to help others.

He began to experiment with working on friends, and they would say they felt better afterwards. He then experimented with working on people at different locations, and they reported getting the same benefit as when the work was done in person.

Today Michael does distant energy healing sessions for groups of people. He has a gift to be able to work on many people in different locations simultaneously. Distant energy healing is not an issue, and he can effectively work on people anywhere in the world. The sessions work on all levels, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Chakras, acupuncture meridians, and all the energy bodies are stimulated to bring balance and harmony to the mind and body.

Even though he works with groups of people, each person gets individual attention for their specific issues and concerns. The energy is intelligent and knows best how to work with each person individually.

He works with people in other states and countries and often asked how does the energy get transferred over long distances. Scientific studies show prayer can positively affect the health of a sick person even if the person praying does not personally know the person for whom they are praying. When he transmits energy long distance, it works on a similar principle. To get more information on how this works, click on the distant healing link on this website.