Testimonials are from distant energy healing sessions. Besides this small sampling of testimonials, Michael has over 1,000 endorsements from other professionals on Linkedin.

The Facebook Qigong Distant Energy Healing page has over 233,000 Likes and thousands of people have posted how the distant healing sessions have helped them with a wide variety of serious physical, mental and emotional issues.

Michael, “I also know much about healing processes, but never has a process (this healing work) taken me so deep before.”
— Reni Hagen (Oslo, Norway)
Hello Michael, “It’s Kathy. I participated in the healing energy session below and later wrote you that it healed my autoimmune disease, Raynaud’s Disease. It totally never recurred again (since February!)
Thank You Michael for the beautiful Healing, QiGong. My Fibromyalgia has greatly improved, Along with the resulting depression
— Namaste’, Kennette
Michael. “These sessions have been astonishing – I am still feeling major affects in all categories. Astonishing! I truly wonder what this last one will bring.
— Posey
Dear Michael:   “I am here on the planet in service as an energy healer, counselor, teacher, and minister.  I have more than 24 years of schooling, earning two master’s degrees and a doctor’s degree, and over 50 years of service helping others.  I share this so that you know that my feedback is enlightened.

My first session was perhaps the most powerful I have ever experienced in my 77 years, and I include most energy modalities. It felt as if I was plugged into 220 volts of electricity... CT

Michael,  ”As I mentioned, nothing else—by which I mean meditations, pranayama, Ayurvedic and other dietary adjustments, vitamin supplements, yoga, herbs, reflexology, energy psychology and EFT, chiropractic, acupuncture, cranio-sacral work, exercise specific to stress and insomnia, has helped as much or as consistently.

And all of those were in person or hands-on. And this is after just one of your sessions!
— Susan B

Celia Straus is a tireless advocate for veterans and started 2 organizations to help them. She’s an award winning documentary producer, author and wrote “Hidden Battles on Unseen Fronts Stories of American Soldiers with Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD.”  Celia wrote the following how the energy sessions have helped veterans.

”The energy sessions have helped veterans not only with physical injuries but also with PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury. Just as important these healing sessions are holistic in that they address healing of not only the service member but also the military family - spouses and children.
— Celia Straus

Dear Michael,  ”I, and at least one other participant that I know, experienced powerful healing dreams following your blessing and intervention.

I’ve been a therapist and ‘healer’ for three+ decades... I’ve been exposed to Mystery and the unfolding of the Shakti. Whatever you do, it seems like a profound gift to humans...
I’m deeply grateful for what you offered...
—  Michael A

Hello, “I have always been aware and felt and seen subtle energy...and have aprox 20 years experience as a multi technique practioner...I have had the opportunity to experience many modalities of healing and subtle energetic work...certainly the times we are living thru are also impacting everything...but...

What you are able to bring thru is incredible...unlike anything I have experienced...such clarity...and a continuous  intensity which never overwhelms...my breathing shifts so suddenly into something between meditative and yogic with no thought or effort...

the cats and dogs become aware of a presence here in the home and at first are somewhat nervous but quickly settle down...each session has been different...an injection site cyst on Zephys back reduced by half in size after the first session...and has continued to shrink from a raised 1/2 inch to almost completely flat...I was stunned to see this occur...he’s had it for several years...thank you for the blessings you share...
— Sharon

Michael Hutchison has been a leader in the AVS / light and sound industry for many years. He has produced numerous recordings and written several books including “Mega Brain Power: Transform Your Life With Mind Machines and Brain Nutrients” and “Megabrain: New Tools & Techniques for Brain Growth & Mind Expansion”. Michael had a bad accident which resulted in a serious spinal cord injury. This is what he wrote about M. Mohoric’s work:

Dear Michael,” Thanks for all you have done for me over the last few months. You are a magical man… Thanks again for your great work with me and your friendship — I appreciate it.
— Mike

Hello Michael, “Thank you so very much. I know this stuff, I can teach this stuff, yet I was unable to help myself! You are amazing!I can’t wait to get back to my healing work.

I have been training with the Peruvian Medicine Men & Women since 1997. Because it was a Shaman who helped me in 97 when I broke L4 & L5 in my back... then again in May of 2006 I fell again & broke...well, you already know all the damage I did... Every month I would add dates to my website in hopes of keeping things positive & continuing with my healing work & classes... then because of my pain had to cancel many dates...

It’s been an amazing journey. No one could help me, here in the USA or even in Peru... I’ve been to many healers in all different modalities...Your healing work has helped me the most & I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Elizabeth D


Global Distant Energy Healing

Ingrid Bacci is a respected healer and best selling author. She is a former professor and graduate of Harvard and Columbia Universities and teaches alternative healing techniques throughout North and South America and Europe.

“Hello Michael, I want to thank you from my heart for the session Wednesday, the first I have experienced with you. As a ‘healer’, or facilitator of energy flow from the Universe, I recognized immediately the purity and effectiveness of your work. Before the session started, on Wednesday morning, I could feel some old emotional toxins come up and then clear.

During the session itself, I felt first some ‘kriya’ spasms, then very strong images of gushing blue water, and then felt the energy working to open up my entire cranium and rebalance me at a deeper level in that area.I am well aware that the more ‘open’ our system, the more energy we can both receive and transmit, and your work felt truly profound. I also found the work very ‘instructive’ in the sense of guiding me to where I need to work within myself to receive at deeperlevels, and a higher energy for helping others heal.

Feel free to share these comments if you like. I look forward to working together more with you. Blessings, light, and many thanks.”

Thank you, I know what I’ve experienced is awesome & I’m very thankful that you’re here & helping so many of us. I’ve been to many many doctors & received few answers & very little relief.

With these healing sessions I’ve experienced more relief than all of the rest of my treatments combined.
— Kris

Dear Michael
”I want to thank you for the healing sessions. They were all very powerful, the second and third especially. I have bladder cancer, and after each sessions I have noticed to have much more pain and having to go to the bathroom more. Is this part of the healing?

After the second session, the tumor was breaking up and I passed several large pieces within an hour four times in that following hour. I’m very grateful for this healing. However it is not all gone, I remain with some pain.

Again my sincere thanks, Louise

Michael, “I also do healings using Kundalini and Chios Healing, and it is such a joy to experience QiGong healings as they are a different experience from what I’m trained in.

I can tell that this energy is very pure and high-vibration, and it works very efficiently throughout the body, helping it completely release the dis-ease from whatever conditions we are working on at the soul level. Thank you for helping me and my body regain our equilibrium on all levels of being.
— Olive H

Dear Michael, “Last night I experienced  your energy session and I have to say I am totally convinced of the power of Qigong. I have always been curious about Qigong and it effects and after what I experienced last night I signed up for your monthly sessions. I am kinesthetic and have always been able to feel and sense energy but never for very long periods of time until last night.

My whole body buzzed for an hour from head to toe. I did get cold during the session, had to go to the bathroom a couple of times, felt the energy work on my abdomen where I have had several surgeries, and was extremely energized after the session. I woke up this morning and have the sniffles which I assume is part of the detox and releasing process and have continued to have alot of energy.

“The best way I know to describe my experience last night is to compare it to my experience with John of God in Brazil two years ago. I spent two weeks with John of God and felt the same sort of energy effects on my body but it came in waves over short periods during the two weeks I was there. Last night, it felt like the waves of energy I experienced in Brazil with John of God were compressed into one hour and the intensity was much greater.

I had to fly home today and could even feel the energy throughout my day, as I traveled through airports and on the plane. I am profoundly touched and grateful you are sharing your gift as a conduit for this energy and am looking forward to the changes I am and will continue to experience over the coming months.   Thank you again
— Teresa

Hi Michael - “Update!!!! – Look at the email below this one. I sent it to you late April. I told you my eldest daughter had a strange cyst on her wrist that needed to be surgically removed.You worked on my family last month and continued to keep us on your client list this month…

Today we couldn’t believe our eyes. The cyst is disappearing! What was an ugly lemon-sized growth has virtually disappeared!!! Thankyou..Thankyou..Thankyou…Thankyou!!!!
— Joe Watson, Sedona, Az.

Michael,  “I realized after the session on Wed night that I had been affected by the energy ever since I signed up the week before. I had been feeling better (more alive and just in a great mood) than I have felt in years. I began to get Parkinson’s symptoms about 3 years ago and have not only suffered from depression but a general closing down mentally, along with the physical tenseness.

On Tues. I began to feel the energy moving. On Wed morning, my husband woke up with what he thought was the flu because he was aching in every major joint in his body. He slept for 36 hours straight, which is something he has never done . When he got up Thurs. all his joint pain was gone (and I’m hoping that this is a long lasting situation).

This is such an incredible thing, and I’m very happy that we were able to participate.” Thanks so much
— JP

The next email was from a 32 year old woman who had a severe case of Osteoporosis. She had 7 compression fractures in one year alone.

Michael,  “I cannot believe this, because it is nothing short of a miracle: I mentioned to you before about my PTH levels, and the test came back today on my vit D levels as well. I want to start from the beginning: My first signed-up session with you was on Apr 2. On that same day before the energy session,

I had my blood drawn for the usual PTH (parathyroid hormone) and vit D levels screening and my urine was collected for 24 hrs. PTH was 14, in the teens as it has always been, and Vit D was 50, the same flatlined between 49 and 53 for the past 1.5 years and My 24hr urine calcium, 60, again the same as it has been…My next blood was drawn on Apr 15, after only 2 sessions with you, and these are the results:

My PTH is 29 (doubled!!!) My urine calcium is 202 !!!!! and My vit D is 67 !!!!! and my bone breakdown product (beta-ctx) is below the range, which means I am making bone more actively than most people!Michael, it has never been this high!!!

I spoke to my endocronologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital, and he says that my physiology is somehow altered, and now my body is actively building bone as it has never been ever since I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis…It is a true miracle: this is only in 2 weeks!!!!!! Something I had not gained in almost 2 years of therapy, excessive amounts of calcium and vit D supplementation, and so many other supplements that I won’t even bother listing here.

I will get tested again soon, I cannot wait to see what the new results will be…On a different note: Now that I am aware of what the energy is doing for me, I feel like it is always at work! Over the weekend, especially on Saturday, it felt like I was receiving it non-stop the whole day through. And I have really been feeling it in my throat and my neck area (as well as my 3rd eye chakra) and it only makes sense, because that’s where my parathyroid glands are.

What you have given me is a true miracle, and the hope that I will be healthy again soon… This cannot compare to anything material, and I think I will be your customer for life! I also want to do more for you, I want to spread the word to the lists that I am a member of, especially Animal Reiki yahoogroups, etc, but I wanted to get your permission.. I will give your website info and my personal experience with you… If that’s okay with you of course… And please let me know if I can do anything else for you, my gratitude is beyond compare… These two words are really not enough for what I feel inside, but I’ll say them anyway:”   THANK YOU!  
— Coral


Qigong Distant Healing Worldwide

Michael,  “I just wanted to write to you about tonight’s healing. The first 35 minutes I didn’t notice anything and then I started noticing that my chakras started opening up one by one all the way up then I started feeling this great energy in my body from the opening of my chakras.

When we talked yesterday I told you that I had what I considered a frozen shoulder on my left shoulder and I have had no luck with unfreezing it. I had the same with my right shoulder some time ago, but I was able to unfreeze it through exercise, which took at lot of time and work and a lot of pain. A bone popped back in, in my upper left arm during the healing and I am noticing a bigger range of movement with this arm now and not so much pain, which is a great relief.

I have noticed much more ease in my body over all, and I feel much lighter.I keep noticing new things the longer I sit with this most wonderful healing. My hands aren’t as stiff as they have been. It’s funny how as you age, you don’t notice how stiff you are becoming. I feel like a kid again, with so much more flexibility than I remember having in a great many years.

I could feel waves of energies pouring out of my hands.My lungs are feeling much better to right now, the real test will be tonight, it will be great if I can sleep all the way through the night without having any problems. I am in a place of peace and overall relaxation while I am writing you that I am so grateful for. I can’t wait to see how this changes as we go along. I want to thank you so very much for this great opportunity in healing. Thank you Michael for blessing me with your most magnificent healing’s.

-Blessings, Susan Z

Michael, “I attended your healing session tonight at the Center for Universal Truth.  I feel like a true miracle happened. My husband, Christopher, who has had two back operations and is in constant pain could not attend tonight. He knew I was going to the Center, but not what it was really about. When you said that we could place our intention for healing towards our pets, I decided to put my intention towards Christopher and his back.

What I noticed during the session were: hot, hot palms, tingles over various parts of my body, a decreased need to breathe. I felt very relaxed at the end of the session.”When I arrived home, the first thing my husband said was, “I don’t know what you have been doing, but I could feel it in my back about an hour ago. I haven’t had any pain for the last hour. What have you been doing?”

This is nothing short of a miracle, Michael. Chistopher is almost always in severe pain. He sleeps poorly at night. Well, as I write this, Christopher has fallen into a deep sleep and hasn’t moved for quite a while. He usually tosses and turns and puts pillows under his knees, and then out from his knees. He just constantly moves all night. I am watching this peaceful, motionless sleep that Christopher is experiencing, and all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you.”   Peace and joy, Jean Labrador.
— San Juan Capistrano

Dear Mike…”What an amazing experience! There is so much I want to tell you, I just don’t know where to begin.The session began promptly at 10:00 and continued until 11:20. It was a very loving and warm experience. It started off with a white light which swirled around my body. This light originated at my crown and traveled down my body in a spiral pattern, ending at my feet.

I then felt my chakras opening up and being cleansed. There was a huge pressure in the area of my heart chakra. This pressure lasted for some time. Although I do not see colors or visualize, I felt as if there were colors of varying sizes and shapes entering my body….I felt at peace, in golden white light.I must have dozed off and then awoke toward the end of the session at which time I experienced and saw this HUGE blast of White Light originating at my crown.

I experienced not only white light at this point but very warm heat which wrapped itself around my body and proceeded downward toward my toes in a spiral pattern and then back up toward my crown and then back down again. WOW! Thanks so very much! With Love and light!


This is from Beatrice in Italy.

But this morning when i left home to get to work i felt something really weird: i felt that i was a part of the world. I looked at the trees, at other people, at the birds and at the wind as they are familiar, much more familiar. And i feel like in peace.


Michael, ” I am so excited right now, I had to email you and share with you this wonderful and profound experiences I felt this evening. I was casually watching a movie and around 10:20 or so I began feeling tingling sensations and a sudden surge of energy around my feet. I didn’t pay much attention at first because I was watching the movie. But the feelings and sensations grew stronger and stronger.

The energy slowly moved up my body and I began to feel as though I was in a vortex of energy. I actually felt as though my whole being was literally moving around in a circular motion; as waves of energy were penetrating thru me and around me.The intenseness of the energy was so strong I truly felt paralyzed, I couldn’t move. I closed my eyes tightly and began to breathe deeply and allow the energy to flow throughout my body.

I continued to bask in the glorious feelings. My hands and fingers began to vibrate and pulsate rhythmically. I was overwhelmed by the intense rhythmic vibrations and sensations (as a drum beat). I know that detoxification process has begun, my organs began eliminating the toxins from my body immediately.I am in a state of euphoria. A thousand thank you’s Michael for the energy healing work that you do. I look forward to the following weeks. If this is the start of the detox process, I think the coming weeks will feel like I’m on a roller coaster ride.Many blessings to you Michael. Please feel free to share this with the Energy Mailing List. I know there will be more to share.
— Pat

Dear Michael, “Thank you so much for your long distance healing. I live in Jonesboro, Arkansas where you can’t get any kind of energy healing. I want to tell you what you have done for me, but first I have to tell you what was going on with me. I was in a terrible car accident a year and a half ago. By the way I am a paramedic, and worked on an ambulance for 12 years.

I was driving home to Austin, Texas had a terrible crash in central Texas. Scott & White hospital which is the best level one trauma center in Texas ( it’s also Texas A&M college of medicine) I have to plug them. I was there within 15 minutes of my crash thanks to their paramedics. I went directly into emergency surgery. The doctors got a hold of my family and told them to come and identify me, they didn’t think I was going to make it. Here are some of my injuries.

Traumatic brain injury, grade 5 liver laceration (which is the worst you can have), perforated colon, spleen laceration, bilateral pneumothorac’s (both lungs collapse and filled with blood), multiple right side rib fractures, traumatic dissection of right internal carotid artery, thrombosis of right popliteal artery, multiple scalp and facial lacerations, open right knee injury, both feet and ankles have screws and pins to keep them together, acute blood loss, visual impairment of right eye, pseudoaneurysm of the left carotid and right vertebral artery.

They kept me paralyzed and my abdomen opened and packed so they could keep going back in surgery to stop the bleeders. Anyway my life turned upside down. I had to move to Arkansas where my parents and family were taking care of me. I started walking again approx. 8 months ago.

I had been taking anti-seizure medication, blood thinners and very strong pain medication. Morphine and Hydrocodone 10/325 for a year and a half everyday up to 4 or 5 a day. About 5 weeks ago, I had this urgent feeling inside me telling me to get rid of this heavy thick dark mass I felt like I was carrying around. I felt like it was coming from all the medication I was taking.

I start looking for energy healing, but there is not one person who does that here. I went to the computer typed in energy healing, I saw long distance energy healing perfect I thought.

WOW as soon as I hit the key on the computer I felt the energy tingling and buzzing around me for 3 days. My first session I actually felt pulling and tugging in my abdomen in my organs that were injured. It was a strong sensation, it felt almost good to me because I knew it was doing good. That went on for most of the week, then it felt like someone untied a knot that was tied in my abdomen, my organs relaxed then.

The most important thing I want to say is I stopped taking my pain meds after that first week. I did not have any withdrawal symptoms other than a couple of hot flashes the first day that I didn’t take any pills. I was taking them everyday for a long time. My doctors are thrilled, as I am. I am a different person my mind is as clear as it was before the accident.

If anyone is still on the fence about this, do it, what do you have to lose. I feel that the energy healing has done as much to save my life as my emergency surgery saved my life at that moment.

Michael, you are truly a very special and a rare beautiful soul, you don’t even know how much you have helped me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I have my life back, I have my life back!! I can honestly say that I have never felt something so tailored made for my health like this is, it goes where it’s needed.

The way I feel inside seems like I have been healing with you for 100 years, and its only been 5 actual healings. Can you imagine how I will feel when I’ve done 10 or 20 healings!! Thank you again with all my heart. I am sending my doctors the free healing session email. I want people to know this works, I am living proof. I can not say it enough, this is remarkable I feel so good, I want the world to know. Love from my heart,  
— Tammi Kitchen

Michael, “The first session I could feel the energy moving into my system about 24hours before the scheduled time. It was like a sense of great possibility. By this I don’t mean hope because this would indicate that things would hopefully change someday but I mean something happening in the here and now that would also alter the future.

The evening of the session was more physical although I continued to feel nearly giddy with possibility. The physical aspect of it was that I felt warmth in my lower back and tailbone where I have had an injury. The warmth radiated out and seemed to warm muscles as well. It was very pleasant and comforting.

For the next couple of days I felt like I was trying to integrate this new energy and my emotions were on a bit of a rollercoaster. I would feel a sense of the possible followed by doubting that anything could ever change. The second session I didn’t feel move in until about the scheduled time.  I felt very tired and emotional and continued to explore my emotions for the better part of the week. Grief and disappointment came up a number of times and so did the concept of Universal love.

The third session all of the energy shifts seemed to become more solid. I felt the energy move in again about 24 hours before the scheduled time. This time it was more of a sense of joy and clarity. I felt like I was more in my body and that a larger part of my soul was being integrated. Physically, I am prone to ear aches and sinus headaches and I had both the night of the session. I woke up the next morning without the ear ache and such a minor twinge of a headache that it was barely discernible.

As time progresses my sinus troubles seem to be clearing more and more.I also have had chronic fatigue, IBS, joint pain, body aches, anxiety and debilitating levels of fear. All of these are dramatically better. Emotionally, I still have moments of doubt where I’m afraid it will all come back but the majority of the time I feel joy, creativity and enthusiasm. My passion for life seems to have returned and upsetting moments seem to come in and move out more gracefully. I can’t wait for the final session. Thank you
—  Nancy Leshinsky

Michael, “My Oh My, you are really connected to the great cosmic healing zone….My experience was quite remarkable and want to thank you for sharing your connection and talent with us. My experience was overwhelming physically, as well as visually. I experienced extreme heat in my thighs and especially my right thigh…then the energy moved up to the adrenal area and there was intense pain, so much that I had to do a lot of breath work to assist the pain in moving.

The whole time I felt like I was cemented to the Fouton and couldn’t move even if I tried. My next experience was like having sand bags on my chest and this motivated more breath work for the duration of the session. While these physical sensations were happening I was shown many visions most of them are out of reach for me at this time, however what I do remember was quite lovely……a bright sun light appeared and huge chunks stones in the color of the Sun were before me being sculpted in to smaller pieces with the hand of Buddha pouring the smaller pieces of stones all over my body in honor of the healing.

Thank you so much for doing this in such a timely manner. Seeing my friend Lesli come back to life was an experience of true joy. I look forward to working with you again and spreading the word to my clients as well.
— Beatrex Q. – Encinitas, Ca

Dear Michael, “It is a beautiful first day of fall here. The sky is blue the temperature crisp and the leaves are drifting from the trees. Tonight our circle is celebrating the equinox. We have been contemplating gratitude and the fullness of our lives in preparation for the fall process of letting go.

It seems most appropriate to express my gratitude to you. Your work has made a big difference in my life. Rifts and holes in my deep self are coming to my attention as they are healed by the work you are doing. Over the years I have tried many things to heal myself. It has been an interesting journey thru the odd corners of human experience. There have been many people who have contributed to my progress and I love and honor them all. I am grateful for the journey itself as well.

Your work has affected me profoundly and in a way that is hard to define. I see it out of the corner of my eyes rather than straight on. It reaches places i have carefully hidden from even my deepest probings. I brings gentle and profound healing that I perceive as light. I am stronger and more whole. Wounds that I have worked around are closing freeing energy for better uses.Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do. It is a gift to the greater light body. As I contemplate all that I am given your name and energy are evident wherever I look.This said it is clear that I would like to continue to grow with you. Please put my name on the list for the next four sessions.I look forward to our continued work together.
— Love, Elizabeth

Michael, “Thank you for offering this healing. The healing I recieved was more profound than I could have imagined and I thank you for sending it.
— Joy

Hi Michael, WOW!! I could really feel what you were doing, Michael. There was a definite start point and end point and the energy was very strong. If felt like you started about ten minutes before nine and ended at 9:40.I felt energy first in my crown chakra, then in my third eye, then throat chakra, and navel chakra.The chakra feeling was one of very strong powerful energy swirling around in the chakra.

Between each chakra was a feeling of peacefulness and clearing. The energy was very powerful and very good.I was driving when your energy session started and I had to pull over and just park on the roadside. I could tell it was really going to hit me and I didn’t want to be driving when it hit.After it was overall, I felt fully alert and my senses seemed more acute. I was really appreciating the greens of the redwoods and the beauty of the forest. I think that your healing powers are quite wonderful and definitely the energy is strong and purifying. Take Care.
— Pam D. Carmel Valley

Michael, Good Morning! Beatrex and I have had many healings, but that was one of the most intense either of us has ever had!!!!!! I initially felt very light then an extreme heaviness for the rest of the session. It was though I was glued to the bed and Beatrex felt glued to the futon on the other side of the room. We both had amazing visions. We both felt the energies working on different parts of the body. Sometimes involving slight pain.

There was pressure on our chests and it felt difficult to breathe at times. I had several full body heat experiences, where I actually had sweat on my forhead. It felt like waves of rushes…over and over.I felt a release of toxins streaming out of my wrist. I could actually see it. I had to urinate once near the end of the session and 2 times shortly thereafter.When the session ended we both could feel the energy subside. I immediatley felt joy for the first time in a long time.

The dark cloud of depression was lifted. And for that I am so grateful. I woke up this morning with the least amount of body pain in many weeks. I have some pain, but way less. We were both blown away! I thank you so much for a “hall-of-famer” healing! I will report to you for the next few days.
— Love,  Lesli C Michigan

Michael, I am having a continued positive response to the shifts I felt Sunday. Last night my legs were vibrating while I tried to fall asleep. Professional decisions that I have shied away from were made today and I feel so charged up. I don’t feel like I am second guessing myself and many new avenues have opened now that I have allowed myself to take them.I said to Ed that this was the first time that I have ever felt good about myself. It is hard to put words to what I feel – but I am the person I know myself to be now, not afraid. Thank you.
— Liza T San Diego

This session was for Sherrie and the horses at her horse shelter, New Beginnings

Dearest Michael, “I feel great today!!! Very energized, more so, than I can explain. I noticed today, that I actually saw things driving to work, I’ve never “noticed” before. It was kind of scary, right under my nose, but I never saw it. “Oh, when did they put that house up?” My senses are more acute, things are brighter, sounds louder, colors more vibrant, etc. Most important, before our session,

I was really starting to have major problems with my hands. I don’t know if it was arthritis or what, but it was very concerning to me, for I need these hands to feed and to touch the horses.The pain is now gone….I’m trying to spend a lot of time with Beau along with Hopi (the Great Dane) and Patches, for they are the ones I was very concerned about. They were the ones with major medical problems. Beau too is more energized, in fact, so is Hopi and Patches.

All of them seem more alert and are in less (not pain, for I don’t think they were in what we call pain) but, able to move more fluid.The other horses were very quiet the past couple of days, but now seem to be flowing into a daily routine. We brought a new horse in yesterday, a mare, and Hercules has fallen in love with her, seems his confidence definitely had improved after the abuse he has experienced. Each evening I will watch the animals and let you know their progress.

One thing of importance I would like to share with you is, the last two days I had major dreams. Almost like picture frames, one after another. I can’t remember what each one was, only, waking up and thinking, Wow, that was part of my past!
— Love In The Spirit Of The Horses

Sherrie Clemons Sherrie is the Founder of the New Beginnings Equine Sanctuary

Hi Michael “The energy session yesterday was quite wonderful. Early on in the session, I felt the same experience as with the previous healing session. It felt like energy swirling around the crown of my head and lifting me upwards. This swirling and uplifting sensation went on for about the first ten minutes.

Then throughout the remainder of the session it felt like a piece of grass was tickling me right on the crown chakra. Trying to help open it. After the first ten minutes, I experienced being filled completely with bright red light. After the red light I was filled with white light, bright like a flash of lightening. Finally I was filled with a blue light. Then I felt an intense sensation of heat and my entire body got very hot.

After the light, I felt very peaceful and it felt like all my cells were separating and clearing. I felt a sense of purity and cleansing. It was very pleasant and very peaceful. Thanks for starting us off on a beautiful day
— Love, Pam

This next one is from a woman in her 70’s who has had pulmonary fibrosis for a long time. This is a very serious lung condition involving scarring of the lung tissue.

Michael, I’ve got a lot to report. Today I met with the Pulmonary Specialist and my oxygen level was at a 94 level-up from 90 two weeks ago but the best is that lung capacity went from 2 (or 200) to 3. First movement in three months. Also lost Another 5 pounds. (not trying that’s just a positive aside). Now to my husband’s update-his hands have stopped bleeding under the skin, actually they look like they’re healing. He’s had a lot more energy and actually complained about “cabin fever” yesterday. I wanted to stay home and exercise.
Thanks Michael!!!
— Millicent Smith - Long Beach